Taste and Enjoy Life

Instead of dwelling on the menus, the amazing combinations and contrasts, we prefer to hear from you. We cook for you and we do it because eating is more than food. At Zimbral, a meal is not just a meal, it is a return to the origins, a discovery of new palates and a moment that memory will summon. As accompaniments you will have the view, the relaxed atmosphere, the smiles, the jagged and stunning mountains and the free nature that no one shapes. More than a dining experience, we want to convey emotions to you.

Zimbral Restaurant

Stage of history, the Hotel Casa Palmela's restaurant, open daily, offers its guests unique experiences. Hotel Casa Palmela's restaurant is presented with Portuguese-inspired dishes always seeking to maintain authenticity and to seek the most classic flavors of the region's gastronomy.

Zimbral's Terrace

Hotel Casa Palmela's terrace serves the restaurant next to the gardens and has as its backdrop the Arrábida hills and the vineyards of the farm.

Special Menus

In addition to the letter in the restaurant that also combines vegetarian and vegan dishes, zimbral can organize special menus suitable for the event.
Choosing the best for body and soul is a pleasure within reach of the fork, which you can repeat here as often as you like.